Last week, Mark Wilson of the Breakfast Flakes on Cat Country 102.9 mentioned a small ad he saw in the Billings Gazette, notifying Billings of an upcoming visit by the Montana Department of Revenue to your property.

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The thing that caught MY eye is that, unless you specifically tell them, they may visit your property during the upcoming tax year... to conduct an "on-site review"... without you present. That just doesn't sit right with me.

On My Property Or In My Home? I'm There.

For years, one of the BIGGEST beefs I have had with rental management companies is how they are legally allowed to send you a letter, giving you just 24 hours' notice of entry to your unit, that you pay out the you-know-what for... just so they can "inspect" it.

In reality, from what I have seen, they are snooping into your life... rather than simply inspecting a unit. The last rental company, which has a name nobody can pronounce correctly, did this to me in a run-down split-level unit... and were keen on taking photos of EVERYTHING, in EVERY room.

Where did those photos go? Who knows. Did they take them on a company camera, ensuring my privacy and protection of anything that may be sensitive information? Nope. They used their personal cell phone. A load of CRAP.

Why You Need To Be Home

When it comes down to it, you should NEVER let anyone just mosey around your property on their own. Even if they are some official from the MT DOR, you don't know them... or what they are doing while you are away.

So, to ensure YOU are present, you need to notify them within 30 days of the Gazette publication, in writing (because, of course, they won't just take a phone call like everyone else).

When was that tiny ad published? Wednesday, November 29th. Gee, sure would be nice if they notified people in other ways... besides the dusty ol' newspaper.

For more information on how to notify them in writing, you need to contact your local Department of Revenue office. Find details on what office is yours at the button below, or by calling 406-444-6900.

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