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If Billings Needs a Bigger Jail…What About This?
We were talking about downtown crime. We were talking about the transients downtown. And, we got to talking about how empty the big Billings Gazette building has been of late. "Didn't you hear that building is for sale?" I asked them. "Really?" They asked. Yep.
KTVQ, Gazette File to Intervene on BPD Names
As anticipated, KTVQ and The Billings Gazette have filed to intervene in a legal action by three police officers seeking to keep their names out of the news after being disciplined for their sexual encounters with a former BPD civilian employee on city property...
Judge Blocks the Release of BPD Names
A judge granted a temporary restraining order on Monday, barring the city of Billings from releasing the names of three BPD officers disciplined for having sex with a civilian employee on city property. The city was prepared to release the names and details of the case, but Yellowstone County District Judge Michael Moses issued the restraining order at the request of lawyers representing the three
5 Things That Could Kill You
Death is just one of those things that we all have to deal with. When your number is up, it is up and there isn't any of us that are getting out of this life alive. Sorry. Some are actually infatuated with death. That's why we watch movies like Final Destination but what if the Grim Reaper came knocking on your door today...