Ever wondered if the workers at a restaurant get annoyed when you show up RIGHT before closing time and order something?  Here's your proof that yes, yes they do.

Back on September 2nd, Brent Bradley of Georgetown, Texas called Papa Murphy's and ordered a Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza RIGHT before closing time.

And when he got there to pick it up, he saw an employee inside take his pizza out of the oven and RUB HIS TESTES on it.  Which seems like a revenge plot where NO ONE wins.

The employee was 18-year-old Austin Symonds.  Brent confronted him, and Austin said, quote, "Man, I'm sorry, that was stupid."

But Brent spoke with the manager the next day, and Austin was fired, and was arrested for felony tampering with a consumer product.

The police report says what Austin did constitutes felony tampering because, quote, "substances such as fecal matter can be transferred by sweat to the scrotum and could've transferred to the pizza when [Austin] rubbed his scrotum on it."



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