If you think leaving your house without your keys is bad, you’re not going to believe this.

A man in China named Yang Hu, 26, forgot to take his penis with him to the hospital after he chopped it off.

The man sliced off his unit and then rode his bike to the hospital (yes, he rode his bike) to get it re-attached. One small (yes, that’s bad word to use when talking about a penis) problem, though: he left the member at home (yes, we don’t know where he would’ve carried it, either – a sock? A basket in front of the bike? Who knows?).

When Yang got to the hospital and realized his penis was even further separated from him than he initially thought, staff told him to hop back on his bike and go home to get it.

Yang did just that, but it was too little, too late. Doctors said it had been without blood for so long it couldn’t be re-attached, meaning he was on the road to becoming a full-time soprano.

Yang decided to sever the organ because he was depressed about being single and thought getting rid of the penis would prevent him from thinking about finding that special someone.

Now, he's probably depressed he didn't write a checklist of everything he'd need before going to the hospital.

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