"Oh great, another COVID article", I hear you thinking. And I get it. We're all tired of COVID. Pandemic fatigue is a very real thing, according to this story at Healthline.com. They wrote that if you are:

  • Feeling cynical and emotionally exhausted
  • Being less effective at your job
  • Have anxiety about the future
  • Are caring less about taking COVID precautions

Then you're probably burnt out on COVID. All of the political huffing and puffing and foot-stomping temper tantrums haven't made COVID disappear, and if you're feeling somehow wronged by the realities of a pandemic, I encourage you to think about how Montana's understaffed and overwhelmed healthcare workers are feeling right now. Or consider the friends, family, and coworkers of those who've died with or from COVID in Montana to date. We're rapidly heading towards 3,000 deaths (2,957 as of 1/18/22).

Trey Kennedy’s ‘5 Phases Of Mask Wearing’ Is Funny Because It’s So True
Trey Kennedy (YouTube)

A perfect storm of health controversy.

The initial (and repeated) flip-flopping from federal health agencies regarding COVID protocols hasn't helped unite Americans on anything. For example; they originally told us we didn't need N95 masks, now they're recommended. A significant portion of us believe masks are completely worthless and I won't even get into the debate over vaccines. At this point, I'm apathetic.

Here's the thing though... it doesn't matter what you feel or think or believe (perhaps from ideas shared by opinionated podcasters, talk radio hosts, and youtube "doctors"), the numbers are the numbers. And those numbers indicate Montana hospitals are expected to soon exceed capacity, according to an interesting data website called the COVID-19 Hospital Capacity Circuit Breaker.

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Billings Clinic via YouTube
Billings Clinic via YouTube

Hospital beds in Montana are nearing capacity.

The COVID Circuit Breaker website pulls various health data from state and federal sources, including positive test results, available beds, current hospitalizations, etc., and then generates projected trends. The dashboard indicates Montana is forecasted to exceed hospital capacity soon.

Get the shot... or don't. Wear a mask... or don't. I honestly don't care anymore. Just don't complain when you or a loved one can't get a hospital bed in the next couple of weeks. It looks like another wave is about to peak in Big Sky Country. Anecdotally, I personally know more sick people in my circle around Yellowstone County than I have at any point in this two-year fiasco. Stay healthy, my friends.

The USPS has begun taking orders for free COVID-19 at-home test kits. You can order four, for free HERE.

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