Just because a doctor isn't actively encouraging you to do something, doesn't mean they're actively discouraging you from doing something either. That's what Dr. Scott Sears had to say when asked by a caller why doctors don't encourage patients to use CBD oil.

When it comes to pain killers, Dr. Sears says doctors are getting much better about encouraging lifestyle changes instead of just prescribing pills for your ills.

And what about the Coronavirus? While Dr. Sears acknowledges that the virus so far isn't having that great of an impact on health here in America, he says it is definitely impacting the business of healthcare- especially since all of the masks and some other medical supplies are made in China. And, of course, that is where the Coronavirus is wreaking the most havoc.

Dr. Scott Sears with St. Vincent Healthcare joins us every other Tuesday on the radio, and it is one of our most popular segments that we feature. Check out our latest conversation below.


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