Maybe it's to have that taste of a warmer season in February, or maybe it's just another excuse for us to drink. Whatever the reason, National Margarita Day is TODAY, February 22.

According to the History of National Margarita Day, the earliest occurrence of the drink was in 1938 in a Baja California restaurant, when Carlos “Danny” Herrera honored a customer by giving her the very first "margarita." says the frozen margarita was first invented in 1970’s when "an inventive bartender converted a soft serve ice cream unit into a frozen margarita machine."

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A new survey from House Method showed it costs about $2.42 to make a Margarita at-home in the state of Montana. That's compared to the national average of $2.56 per drink.

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

To celebrate National Margarita Day, I pushed the espresso machine to the back, and dusted off the Margaritaville drink machine this week to create a tasty Strawberry-Blueberry Margarita.

Credit: Johnny Vincent

CLICK HERE to see the ULTIMATE Margaritaville machine maker.

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