Ok, a disclaimer here.  This is going to sound sexist, but it is not.  I grew up playing all sports as a guy.  Baseball was my favorite.  It consumed me and I played softball into my 40's until my knee gave out.  When I became a dad, I would tell my daughters who all played softball, "Don't throw like a girl".  My wife would give me that stare, and you know what stare I'm talking about!  My point was there is a better way to throw the ball.  I just was trying to teach them.  As they continued to play, their throwing got better and better.  In my older years I will volunteer to play in tournaments with my kids.  The girls will frighten me with how well and how hard they throw!.  All my kids have grown up to be athletes, but more important great people who contribute to society in a positive way.  My girls don't "throw like girls" anymore, but they sure hug like daughters!

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