Before Duff McKagan was qualified to write a book called How to Be a Man, he had to learn what not to do — over and over again.

McKagan sat down with Arthur Kade of Behind the Velvet Rope to discuss his new book, which arrives alongside an EP with the same title and follows his bestselling memoir, It's So Easy (And Other Lies). As he explains in the video above, the idea for How to Be a Man came to him after he watched his hometown Seattle Seahawks dismantle the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII — a sweet victory that, he realized on the flight home, arrived shortly before his 50th birthday.

"I started to muse, like, 'What does that mean, 50? What does it mean to be a 50-year-old man? What does it mean to be a man these days?'" recalls McKagan. "I've made every goddamn mistake out there. But did I learn anything, and am I applying that to the me of now — my friendships with my wife and my kids? Have I learned anything there? ... It's not an advice book at all, it's just common things that I think all of us go through as dudes, especially in this modern era."

McKagan also shared his high opinion of one of music's rising stars: "I know what's genuine, and that can be rock; it can be R&B. I think Bruno Mars is awesome. I think that's genuine R&B. 'Uptown Funk' is the best R&B song in 30 years or something, maybe — since [the Prince hit] 'Little Red Corvette.' It's the best genuine R&B song that I've heard in a long time."

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