Have you heard the one about the Polish flight attendant who tried to use a condom as a floatation device?

While we enthusiastically salute all members of the Mile-High-Club as brave pioneers of public sex, safety is always important. That’s why we thought this recent guerilla marketing prank by Durex Poland was so genius:

Pranks + Sex = Two awesome birds killed with one educational, hilarious stone.

The different reactions from the unsuspecting passengers are the best part of the video, so we’ve taken the liberty of capturing a few for you.

The Hard Swallow

The Deer-In-The-Headlights

The Sexy Lip-Bite

First in Line for the Bathroom, Once the Fasten Seat Belt Light Turns Off

Never seen a condom before

Just Woke Up and Has No Idea What’s Going On

We never get to be on the fun planes.