Who doesn't like a few cold ones?  Or, sometimes more than a few.  Here's my Top Five Drinking Songs.  What songs should have made the list that didn't.  What are your Top 5?  Quick, someone pass me a beer, I need inspiration.

  • 1

    Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) - The Doors

    I just don't see how is couldn't be No. 1.  And I'm not even a whiskey girl.

  • 2

    George Thorogood & the Destroyers - I Drink Alone

    Because, well, sometimes you do.

  • 3

    AC/DC - Have a Drink On Me

    Who doesn't like some AC/DC after a few cold ones.

  • 4

    Thin Lizzy-Whiskey In the Jar

    I don't know which version of this song is your favorite but this one is always good after a couple drinks.

  • 5

    Johnny Cash - Beer Drinking Songs

    You can't a few beers and not listen to Johnny Cash.

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