Today at Walmart I was accosted by Halloween as soon as I walked in the door. Just like that. Boom. It's the Fall season. My kids start thinking about what they're going to be for Halloween right around March every year. So... at least I have that covered. Kids costumes are pretty standard, but if you're doing the adult, dress-up-and-go-out thing this year, here are some of my predictions for most popular costumes.


Captain Marvel Deluxe Costume.  This movie was big. If you've got the body and/or confidence for a sleek, form fitting, spandex outfit, this should do the trick.

Doe. A Deer. A Female Deer. This classic is always one of my favorites. Every Halloween bar party I've ever been to has had at least one frisky doe.

Game of Thrones. This costume, and others inspired the hit series, will probably be pretty popular this year.


Game of Thrones, this "Dark Northern King" option or other Viking style costumes are always pretty freakin' awesome.

For you bigger fella's, the Maui outfit from Disney's Moana movie is AWESOME. Top it off with a curly, long, black wig and you're done.

IT part II. Pennywise returns in part two of the movie this month and I expect to see more than a couple creepy clowns out scaring the crap out of people again this Halloween.



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