Holy cow, I just looked at a calendar, and there are only five weekends left in 2019. Christmas is like 30 days away (and counting). That damn Elf on a Shelf is going to show up any day now. I managed to get most of my exterior Christmas lights up on Saturday, before the weather starts to go to hell this week. I'm glad we're staying at home this year.

This is the time of year when it gets kind of weird at work. People are still showing up (you know.. because you have to), but very little actual work is getting done by a lot of people at a lot of companies. Other than retail and restaurants, no one is really buying or selling or making any big business decision late in Q4.  People are burning up remaining vacation time before the end of the year, leaving offices half empty. Plus, we get a short work week on Thanksgiving and another short one with Christmas on Wednesday this year.

Bring on the Holiday season, I suppose. You're not stressing me out this year.



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