I seriously cannot believe that this is happening this year here in Billings.

Last week, I wrote about what NWS Billings and local meteorologist Ed McIntosh had to say about the possibility of snow on Christmas this year... and at that time, it was essentially a 50% chance.

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Which, is a pretty good chance of snow! However, there is a 50% chance of no snow... it also was a great chance for NO snow this Montana Christmas.

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Now, just 12 days away from Santa arriving on the rooftops... we've taken a look at the forecast from The Weather Channel (which has been accurate the last two weeks), and it is official.

We'll reveal the truth, but first, our tips for getting through the snow and ice when it DOES arrive!

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So... Snow or No Snow!?!

According to The Weather Channel extended forecast, Billings will NOT be getting ANY snow on Christmas Day OR Christmas Eve!

As you can see below, Billings is expected to ride in the mid-40s, with a low chance of precipitation the entire time. Though, it might be a smidge windy on Christmas, so be sure to hold onto your hat!

Credit: The Weather Channel
Credit: The Weather Channel

Crazy... I'm Crazy For Feelin'... So Lonely... For Snow

Don't get me wrong... I am NOT the one who loves snow, even though I have lived here in Montana for my entire 31 years of life. But, snow just goes with Christmas as well as your Grandma's fruit cake and the trash can. If it isn't here, it just isn't Christmas.

What are your thoughts?

Are you excited about no snow this Christmas? Are you planning to travel somewhere with snow? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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