My family recently crossed another milestone. Brett and I are officially empty-nesters, as Bailey and her BFF Makayla moved into their first apartment. As I was helping load and unload things, I started to realize that this is truly a milestone for us. For almost 22 years we have been raising children. Then it hit me, now what?  You always say, "One day when your kids are grown, we're going to do XYZ," well, that day is here and I have to be honest, I don't have an XYZ list put together. I asked many of my friends who are empty-nesters what to do and they gave me some pretty fun and interesting advice. I'm also interested to see what cool date night things there are to do in Billings.

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Most of my friends and family that weighed in are also empty-nesters. Their suggestions ranged from travel, crying, to joining a quilting club, golf, or in my case, learn how to golf. One friend said to move so that the kids can't move back in with us, but I did admit that it is lonely without them in the house, and another friend said I would love it when I can sit in my own clean house and enjoy the quiet. I'm not sure if I should be concerned as an overwhelming number of my friends said day drink. Not that that's out of the question, but there is this little thing called work that gets in the way five days a week. Brett and I may not have a huge list of empty-nest things to do yet, but we do have a few on our agenda for travel this year.

We've gone to Deadwood and are looking at going to Cancun and if not there, we are talking about going to Maine to feast on some fresh lobster. Whatever we decide to do, we have decided at some point our plans will include a camper and weekend getaways as much as possible. I almost forgot, our dream list includes a trip to Ireland to see where my ancestors came from and Scotland to see where his ancestors hailed from.  What are some other fun ideas for new empty nesters?

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