Enduro X is one of the most challenging and exciting spectacles the X Games have to offer. This year’s men and women battled a brutal all-terrain course and each other as they raced for the top spot.

The men’s competition was heated, with many athletes getting stuck on the rocky terrain of the course's final second bend -- particularly Colton Haaker, who ran neck-and-neck for nine laps with early leader Taddy Blazusiak, until the rock garden brought him to a halt. Cody Webb quickly took advantage of the situation and advanced to the second position. Blazusiak went on to claim his fourth Enduro X gold with Webb close behind.

The women made the course look easy, with Kacy Martinez dominating early and earning her first X Games gold. Bronze went to 18-year-old Rachel Gutish, who skipped her high school graduation ceremony in Terre Haute, Indiana to compete in the Games.

Check out our exclusive photo gallery below, then scroll down for the final standings.

X Games Austin 2014 Men’s Enduro X Final Results
1. Taddy Blazusiak (POL)
2. Cody Webb (USA)
3. Alfredo Gomez (ESP)
4. Colton Haaker (USA)
5. Max Gerston (USA)
6. Taylor Robert (USA)
7. Cory Graffunder (CAN)
8. Ty Tremaine (USA)
9. Geoff Aaron (USA)
10. Kyle Redmond (USA)

X Games Austin 2014 Women’s Enduro X Final Results
1. Kacy Martinez (USA)
2. Sandra Gómez Cantero (ESP)
3. Rachel Gutish (USA)
4. Chantelle Bykerk (CAN)
5. Shelby Turner (CAN)
6. Emma Bristow (GBR)
7. Tarah Gieger (PUR)
8. Kristie McKinnon (AUS)
9. Lexi Pechout (CAN)
10. Morgan Tanke (USA)

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