The Billings Shriners Auditorium on Broadwater was sold last year to the Native American Development Corporation. Since the sale, the NADC has been hard at work repairing the property and upgrading it, as well as refining plans to house existing programs in the community. However, a newly announced change today starts the ball rolling quicker.

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From Shrine Auditorium To...

The Native American Development Corporation has officially renamed the Shrine Auditorium to the "Eagle Seeker Community Center". The property is home to the 50,000-square-foot main building with an auditorium and large rooms, along with a shop and parking lot across 5 acres.

"Eagle Seeker" is the name given to Leonard Smith, Jr (NADC Founder and CEO) at a young age by an elder through a Tribal ceremony. The name symbolizes vision, leadership, and looking toward the future.

What's the Plan for the Building?

Eagle Seeker Community Center’s mission is to serve Native people’s present needs by providing the tools and vision necessary for future success. The NADC provides services to the local community for gathering, collaborating, and growing.

According to Leonard Smith, Jr, The Center...

... will provide access to entrepreneurial services, cultural events, medical and wellness services as well as some rental space for events.

What is NADC?

A hub for American Indian businesses, NADC is a non-profit organization that provides technical assistance, and financial lending opportunities and champions small businesses and Tribes. Most recently, the NADC has ventured into urban Native health care with this same vision.

A dedication and grand opening for the Eagle Seeker Community Center is planned for late spring 2023, and signage to reflect the new name of the facility is under development.

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