One of my biggest fears is a fear of heights and I tackled that today.

We have window washers taking care of the Crowne Plaza windows which means the door out to the balcony has been unlocked.

I called down to Crowne Plaza management and asked for permission to take a little stroll around the top floor of the building. They said that would be ok as long as I didn't which I replied with 'There are some days!' We laughed and I reassured them that I would be careful

I took a deep breathe, opened the door and proceeded on my little journey with my heart pounding out of my chest. I kept telling myself that this building isn't that tall in comparison to other high rises in the country and that I was fine.

This was not easy for me but I lived.

What is your fear and what have you done to face it? 406-248-5665

Check out some of the pictures I took from the balcony below.

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