I was first able to vote in 1979.  I have voted every year since then.  I'm political but don't push my agenda on people.  Over the weekend former President George H.W.Bush past away. He was elected in 1988.  For 4 years the media hounded him.  Now the Media is praising him.  Kind, Gental, Great foreign policy.  I got to thinking about praise on other people.  Why is it that we "remember" people with praise after they are gone?  My Dad, my Mom, my step Mom, My sister.  How about the legend of Dave Wilson, or JT in Billings.  JT is a great example.  I worked with JT for so many years in the early days, it was like nobody was in the building except us two.  And yet JT would bring his kids at night to sleep in my office so he could work overnights.  He had everyone and their back.  JT was a working machine.  If I asked him he would, If he asked me, I would.  We had each other covered.    And yet,  the praise came in on his death.  Not during his 30 + years of helping and serving the radio industry and working the community did a few of us understand JT and his commitment.  Thank you!  Thank you President Bush for your outstanding service to this country.  Thank you JT for your friendship and work as well.

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