It definitely seems like this Summer has flown by. The days are about to get shorter and colder, and that means that the school year is on the horizon too. The Billings metropolitan area has a lot of school districts, and some start school at different times. Depending on where your kids go to school, you may start sooner (or later) than others. Here are the big dates for each school in our area.

Billings Public Schools and Billings Central Catholic High School

Billings Public Schools begin school on the 22nd of August, while BCCHS only has 9th grade, new, and international students start that day; starting full-time classes for grades 9-12 the next day on the 23rd.

Lockwood, Huntley Project, and Red Lodge Schools

The school year in Lockwood, Worden, and Red Lodge all start on August 24th. So, your kids here get to have a nice, three-day school week to start the year. I definitely wish I had three-day weeks to start the school year when I was in school, so you're lucky.

Laurel Public Schools

Laurel students, you will begin your school year on a Thursday, as your first day is August 25th. Starting on a Thursday sounds like not a bad gig for students. Enjoy the 2022 school year, Laurel.

Shepherd School District

Even better than starting on a Thursday is starting two weeks after everyone else. Shepherd School District starts its school year on September 1st for grades K-6 and 9, while September 2nd starts the year for grades 7-8 and 10-12. Immediately after that is Labor Day Break, too.

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Full schedules for each of these districts can be found online by clicking the links attached, including breaks, graduation dates, parent-teacher conference dates, and others. Good luck to all the students this year, and eventually, we will be congratulating the graduating Class of 2023.

CONGRATS: Graduates, Class of 2021 From Montana Schools

Congratulations to the 2021 graduates from Montana high schools and colleges. Look below to find your graduate or submit your graduate's information at this link.

Elle King at Montana Fair in Billings!

Friday, August 12th Elle King kicked off the Montana Fair 2022 Concert Series at First Interstate Arena in Billings, Montana! A great start to this year's fair!

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