Well, it was quite a week.

Bruce Willis is all of a sudden retired from acting.

Will Smith apparently got away with assault on national television with millions of witnesses when he slapped Chris Rock. And awards shows don't generally uninvite the biggest stars.

Eric Church decided that he would rather go to a college basketball game than sing to 18,000 fans in San Antonio. And didn't reschedule. Just canceled.

We were discussing whether or not our recreational marijuana shops around here take credit cards. We had a listener message us that they don't. And Paul said, "That's too bad. They could offer HASH BACK". Good line.

Credit: Doug Menuez, Getty Stock/ThinkStock

A little golf this week along with a little yard work.

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Then on Thursday, I got to say the pledge of allegiance twice in one day. Once at the annual meeting of the Yellowstone Valley Electric Co-op. And then again later in the afternoon when Emily Pennington recited it before the start of her rally at the Lincoln Center.

Billings rally for Emily Pennington
Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media

Speaking of the rally for Emily. I was disappointed with the turnout for the rally itself. If you could have heard that sweet girl's voice during the pledge followed by the incredibly impassioned, tear-filled speech by her mother, you would have been crying while feeling angry like many of us were.

Jana Pennington at rally
Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media

And I got news of the passing of a gal I had known since grade school. Susi Weiser was a rock star actress in our Theatre Workshop Class and part of many great stories from that period of our lives. Rest well. May you finally find the peace that eluded you while you were with us.

Have a great weekend.

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