Earlier this year we took a road trip to Choteau, an area I have never visited. It was a gorgeous spring sunset drive and we started seeing so many silos that I told the teenagers that I was shuttling that I should start taking pictures of all of the grain bins. At first I was kidding, but eventually I did begin stopping to take pics. Maybe it's the Montana in me but there is something really beautiful and majestic about a coupla silos in the middle of nowhere.

If you also have a thing for silos, or maybe you've adventured so much that you are out of new ideas, you can now stay overnight in a Montana grain bin. Clark Farm Silos in the Flathead are 5 "unassuming grain bins with a modern, luxurious twist." Each silo has been converted to unique living spaces including a large master bedroom with a big, comfy king sized bed; furnished kitchenette; bathroom; and convertible couch with linens. They also offer WIFI, each of the 5 silos has a balcony or patio, and the family says the area offers gorgeous panoramic, mountain views.

Affectionately referred to as our "big ol soup cans". Each working grain silo was strategically placed and reconstructed on our three generation family farm. Every detail of the newly constructed interior was carefully thought out to maintain the unique cylindrical structure while adding a modern, minimalistic feel. Light and airy while cozy and comfortable at the same time.

The silos are on Airbnb for $371 per night, check out interior and exterior photos here. But be careful, you're going to want to convert a silo to live in forever! You can also find Clark Farm Silos on Instagram.

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