I'm not a huge fan of lettuce, so this is most definitely a biased review, but I say you should upgrade that B.L.T. Ditch the lettuce and go with avocado. I understand this recipe won't win me a spot in this year's Bacon Fest, but it's sound advice nonetheless.

Lettuce is a terrible invention,  in my opinion. I've never bit into a sandwich with no lettuce and thought, "Wow. This is good, but it needs something cold, flavorless and wet." I know that lettuce defenders will site the "crunch factor" as the need for lettuce, but in the case of the BLT, the bacon provides all the crunch I need. Try it.

We plan on celebrating this amazing protein intensely on Nov. 14 at Rimrock Auto Arena. Make sure you get your Bacon Fest tickets before they sell out. Any Shipton's location will have them.

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