Bacon Fest 2015 is being held at The Rimrock Auto Arena, much larger than the previous year's venue. We will undoubtedly see many new faces this year as people experience Bacon Fest for the first time.

I have had some people ask what exactly they can expect from the event and I thought I'd offer a few highlights for those who are trying to decide if they want to come out and enjoy some food.

What is Bacon Fest?

You may have seen one of those cooking competition shows on TV where chefs are asked to prepare creative, delicious dishes that feature a themed ingredient. Well, Bacon Fest is a lot like that. Local chefs from the area's best restaurants, food trucks and meat markets trying to create a dish that impresses you more than anyone else's dish. The "themed ingredient" of course being bacon.

Some restaurants, like The Rex, or Ten, will likely have an elegant approach, perhaps presenting a mouthwatering appetizer that has almost as much visual appeal as taste. Other eateries known for desserts, such as Log Cabin Bakery, will likely present a delicious desert that features the salty, crispy, smokey textures and flavors of bacon.

Do I Pay More To Eat?

Your admission into Bacon Fest ($15 at any Shipton's Big R through Friday, or $20 at the door on Saturday) covers your food samples. You do not pay any extra fee to try the food samples provided by each of the competitors. Your admission let's you eat...a lot.

Is Alcohol Served?

Alcoholic beverages will be served, but are not included in your admission price. If you'd like to have a nice cold Sam Adam's beer, "Bacontini", or Bacon Bloody Mary, and you are of legal drinking age, they are available for purchase.

What Band Is Performing?

While at Bacon Fest, you can enjoy live music from Josephine's Crossing.

Any Other Perks I should Know About?

You will have the opportunity to win several prizes while at Bacon Fest. Prizes include a Li'l Pig Pink Pellet Grill (a $1,600 value), tickets to the Chris Young concert which happens the following Friday and more.

Any Tips For First Timers?

Get your tickets in advance. Last year we had to turn people away and they weren't very happy about it. If you go to Shipton's Big R (downtown, heights, or Big R West) you don't have to worry about a sold out situation. In addition to knowing that you're guaranteed to get in the door and your share of all the food, you'll also save five bucks off of each ticket you purchase. Advanced tickets are only $15 as opposed to the $20 for the "While They Last" at the door tickets.

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