With the start of a new month approaching, and payday for many of us, you might be thinking about a night out with your significant other. I've spent the last few days collecting ideas for things to do this weekend with a hot date, and thought... why not share them with you?

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Here are my Top 5 Date Night Ideas This Weekend in Billings!

Credit: Canva / Blumhouse / Universal Pictures on Youtube
Credit: Canva / Blumhouse / Universal Pictures on Youtube

#5: See A Movie

This is the classic date-night go-to. This weekend at AMC, there are plenty of choices for you to enjoy. From Disney to Marvel, The Hunger Games, Journey to Bethlehem... to Napoleon, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Thanksgiving (for those horror movie lovers), you'll find something you'll enjoy. But, my recommendation would be to get dinner somewhere FIRST... and save the money you'd spend on that $17 popcorn and drink per person.

Credit: Fusion Fight League
Credit: Fusion Fight League

#4: Seasons Beatings @ MetraPark from Fusion Fight League on Saturday

Ok, I hear you. "Watching a fight isn't very 'date night'!"... well, maybe not to you, but I can name off at least 10 friends who WOULD go to an event like this for date night. High-energy fun is always a great time! And if you've never seen a fight in person like this, it's worth the adventure.

Queen, Queen Monopoly

#3: Order In, And Break Out The Classic Board Game

Taking a step back in time before smartphones, computers, and tablets ruled the world... dust off that old board game and see who wins! But be sure to keep the drinking to a minimum so no fights break out. Save that for Fusion Fight League.

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

#2: Let Out Some Holiday Steam @ After Rage

As suggested by one of my good friends Lisa, why not go smash things in a space designed for it? Hurling plates across the room... taking a sledgehammer to that dang computer that irritated you for years... or pretending that the TV in the room is that coworker who drives you nutty. It'll make for a great "after-date" time, too. ;)

Credit: Jaci Bjorne, TSM
Credit: Jaci Bjorne, TSM

#1: Holiday Nights @ Zoo Montana Light Show!

Holiday Nights @ Zoo Montana is wonderful, especially when the weather is cooperating (last year it was a bit... slick...). Over 10 MILLION lights throughout the Zoo, with large light displays, garlands throughout, and a festive style. Holiday Nights makes for the PERFECT backdrop for the cute selfie. Check out their schedule below.


And, if you want to take YOUR sweetheart to Holiday Nights @ Zoo Montana, enter below! We'll pick 10 winners TOMORROW, November 30th, for a free pair of tickets! A $40 Value!

UPDATE: Here are our winners!

  • Debbie Fosjord
  • Jeff Roach
  • Desiree Rice
  • Ashly Marsich
  • Tammy Bruns
  • Renee Rohrbaugh
  • Lori Rosin
  • Annette Jamieson
  • Gloria McKay
  • Amber Maestas


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