The Yellowstone County Sheriffs Office shared the sad news this morning (11/23) that former Justice of the Peace, Pedro Hernandez has passed away. In a Facebook post, the Sheriffs Office said,

It is with great sadness that we learned today of the passing of former Yellowstone County Justice Court Judge, Pedro Hernandez. Your impact in this community goes far and wide. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family during this time.

Hernandez retired in 2017 after serving 42 years on the bench, according to KTVQ.  While some of us may have ran into him in the courtroom many, many more of us knew him from the hundreds (if not thousands?) of weddings he officiated over his years serving Yellowstone County. Nearly all of us have attended at least one wedding with Pedro conducting the vows. Kind words were pouring from social media today as news of his passing was announced.

Greatest most fair Judge in Montana. Thank you Sir for impacting our community for many many years. My condolences to the family! RIP. - Tina F.

So sad!! He married our 2 kids & spouses and we had a wonderful time with him. Such a great man for all that he did!!  - Betty M.

One of Pedro’s great gifts was that he remembered everyone! He was a great role model and mentor to many. He always had a warm smile and friendly conversation for me when I saw him. Thank you for touching so many lives in our community. Rest in Peace sir. - Tonna N.

Rest in peace, Pedro.

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