Did China's Xi Jinping refer to Joe Biden as "my old friend" or did he refer to him as my "OLD" friend? The emphasis on a specific word could make a world of difference right?

We had to have Jimmy Failla, the host of Fox Across America, fill us in. He's a stand up comic, and a former New York cab driver- so he knows how to break it down.

Jimmy Failla: Aaron, if you think you're confused, you should see Joe Biden. I mean he has no idea.

Failla then turned his attention to Biden's failing poll numbers and the fact that Biden had to meet with Xi Jinping via Zoom:

Jimmy Failla: The fact that they're even having this meeting on Zoom, is a really concerning sign to me, because it means they didn't trust Biden to be alone in the room with the guy for a few hours. He might go on the fritz and start saying he's Batman. You know, and don't think China doesn't read into this. Biden just went to Scotland meet with 300 world leaders about climate change. You know, because they're so serious about the environment. 30,000 people jumped on a jet, privately, and which is like the environmental equivalent of opening your clean water conference with an oil spill. But anyway...China has to see weakness in this kind of meeting, because when in the history of the world have they not met in person? You know, it's kind of crazy. So I don't know, what Xi meant. But I do know that was a trolling move by Xi because they are aware of what goes on in American media,and they're aware that that Biden has tried to claim he wasn't friends with Xi. So that was definitely a troll move. Like they don't respect Biden on any level. And, you know, that's the crazy part of right now, we don't even have a President Biden, we have a president Ozzy Osborne, just wandering around the White House in his robe. It's a mess.

Here's the full audio:



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