Joe Biden was criticized across the political spectrum for his horribly divisive speech attacking Trump supporters. You remember the eery, creepy dark red backdrop speech as seen in the photo above.

Rather than call a spade a spade, Montana's liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) was flacking for the president on Fox News Sunday. Tester falsely claims that Biden wasn't talking about all Trump supporters:

Senator Tester on Fox News Sunday (from audio transcript): Well look, I live in North Central Montana. Many of my neighbors, many of my friends, many of my relatives are supporters of the former president. I can also tell you that they're not extremists. They just believe in the policies that the President had. But I don't think those are the people that the President's talking about. I think he's talking about the people that actually do support the president that think violence is a way to solve problems, and it's not.

For the record, here's part of what Biden said, according to that same Fox News story:

"MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution," Biden said while flanked by Marines in front of a red backdrop. "They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people."

It is blatantly obvious that Biden was attacking the overwhelming majority of Montanans who voted for Trump, and yet Tester didn't have the guts to call out Biden and his party for the disgusting rhetoric and using the Marines as props in a very divisive, political speech.

Montana's Senator Steve Daines (D-MT), who defeated the former Democrat governor by nearly 10 points in the 2020 elections, had this to say about Biden's speech when I caught up with him last week:

Senator Daines: It was disgraceful. The rhetoric from the president was absolutely disgraceful- calling millions of Americans a threat to democracy...because they weren't on board with his radical Left agenda. It's insane. He's not the Commander in Chief. He's the divider in chief. Here's a guy who ran on a platform of saying I'm going to unify this country. He said that with soaring rhetoric the day he was inaugurated, and then of course, minutes later, he was signing all these executive orders, stopping pipelines, shutting down oil and gas production. I mean, it's been a disgrace for a presidency. And I think that speechreally typified what this administration is all about. It reminded me of a photo of a Russian leader or a Chinese leader giving a speech here and it was chilling, in many ways, both the color, the backdrop, as well as the rhetoric.




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