Who PAYS for TV in 2022? Satellite providers are insanely expensive. Cable TV is antiquated technology. And I can't keep up with all the "+" options from every major studio. If you just need the news, and some basic cable entertainment, you're in luck here in Billings.

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Over The Air Television

Luckily for us here in Billings, there are plenty of free channels available, and all you need is an Over The Air Antenna. CNET rated the best antennas available for home usage, and at the top was the FLATenna. An indoor, paper-thin antenna that can receive signals from up to 35 miles away. Simply mount on the wall, plug into your TV, and scan for channels.

What channels are available for Billings?

According to NoCable.Org, here's the channels you may be able to receive in the Billings area:

  • KTVQ - CBS
  • KHMT - Fox
  • KTVQ DT2 - The CW
  • KSVI - ABC
  • KBGS - PBS

For the average TV watcher, those offerings will be plenty. If you are looking to record your shows, there is another great option to supplement your antenna.


Remember TIVO? It was everywhere in the 90s and early 00's. Anyone who had a TIVO when I was a kid was immediately the coolest house to visit, because they always had every show on the DVR. TIVO still exists, and they offer a combination box for streaming and recording from OTA TV.

Skip all the silly subscription streaming services, and go with the free TV. Plus, as a bonus, you get local REAL NEWS from our great TV Providers.

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