Today on the Billings Reckless Drivers Facebook Group, I came across a post about a strange van in Billings... and the account from the lady who interacted with the person driving this vehicle was flat out CREEPY.

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"Rescue One Mobile Hospital Unit"

Credit: (Name Redacted), Permission Granted
Credit: (Name Redacted), Permission Granted

In a case of the heebie-jeebies, a local resident (who has asked me to remain unnamed for her safety) came across this "Rescue One Mobile Hospital Unit", which promises to offer "FREE Stemcell Treatments", a $5000 Value, to anyone wanting them.

The resident I spoke with told me this:

The gentleman driving this vehicle was saying very uncomfortable stuff toward myself and my fiance. He stated how he liked our tattoos, and told us he wanted to get one. He went on to say he wanted a "3-foot tall Pinocchio" and hinted to us where Pinocchios nose would be, saying young girls would love it.

Wow. The resident did notify the Billings Police Department (who have their hands full today for sure), and said they last saw this fake health van in the Billings Heights.

Not The First Sighting

In researching this van, to make absolutely CERTAIN it isn't somehow a real thing, I came across a post on Reddit about this SAME VEHICLE being spotted in Fargo, North Dakota just 3 DAYS AGO.

The license plates are from Minnesota, however, the phone number comes from Houston, Texas... and this is just plain creepy!

(Update: In researching the phone number, it is registered to "M & E Media", an electric company in Houston, Texas. 

My Advice

Not that any right-minded person needs me to tell them this, but I will anyhow. Avoid this thing and the guy in it. And keep an eyeball out, you never know what people are capable of!

What are your thoughts?

Do you think anyone would fall for this? Would you be worried if this showed up in your neighborhood? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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