Few things brighten someone's day like opening their door to see a flower delivery.

A gorgeous floral arrangement not only provides that initial burst of excitement, but the flowers themselves have a symbolism that conveys deeper meaning — sentiments that have slowly evolved over time with the tradition of gifting flowers itself. We turned to our friends at Gainan's to learn more about what flowers fit best for each occasion:

Say Thank You

Whether it's thanking a client for closing a deal or a friend or family member for their help or support, consider your relationship with the receiver when choosing a bouquet. Is something bright and playful (like a bumblebee vase) or a little less flashy (like the soft colors of the Lovely Lavendars arrangement) fitting? In general, orange roses "convey energy, enthusiasm or excitement," while peach roses signify "sincerity, gratitude or appreciation" and deep pink and cream roses are a great way to give thanks, as Gainan's explained in their blog.


Say Sorry

If you're apologizing to a romantic partner, head straight to the roses. Red roses symbolize love, romance and respect, while coral or peach roses signify desire. If you wish to make an impact with a large bouquet, consider two dozen long stem roses or ask the staff at Gainan's to help pair your choice of roses with other flowers to create a truly impressive display.



Show your excitement with bright, bold colors, like in the Fascination, Sundance and Sunflower Fields bouquets.


Say Get Well

You might want to pick a smaller bouquet, as there often isn't much space to spare in a hospital room, or a plant that your patient can still enjoy when they go home. Remember, lilies symbolize life and good fortune, hydrangea represent perseverance, and carnations communicate pure love and good luck. Gainan's shares more ideas for get well bouquets here.

Say Hi

Of course, you also can send flowers just to let someone know you are thinking of them, and this time of year, mums are a great choice. Button mums are featured in the Here Comes The Sun bouquet, while daisy mums are featured in Pure Happiness.


Inspired? With Gainan's, you can order online, over the phone, or in person at their two locations: 17th St West & Grand Ave. and 810 Bench Blvd. Visit them at gainans.com or call 406-245-6434. Tell 'em we sent you!