Geddy Lee has a well-documented love affair with the bass. Though the Rush frontman is passionate about his instrument, he understands that not every fan shares his enthusiasm.

In a new interview clip discussing Geddy Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass, Lee admits that some aspects of the book will “only appeal to the most nerdy of nerds.” Despite that, he hopes his Big Beautiful Book of Bass can resonate with a wide range of music fans thanks to the tales behind the instruments.

“The stories were a big motivator for me to put all of this in one package,” Lee confesses in the video.

The book details the history of 250 famous and rare basses. In addition to the various narratives, the Rush singer is especially proud of the pictures presented along with the stories. “These [basses] are pieces of mid-century art to me, and I wanted the photography to reflect that,” he admits, adding that the craftsmanship behind bass-making actually “transcends the instrument.”

You can watch the clip below.

Lee spent seven years working on the Big Beautiful Book of Bass, enlisting photographer Richard Sibbald to capture a wide assortment of basses from around the globe. Lee also features his own bass collection in the book, including those used on Rush's R40 tour.

Lee’s new interview is part of a piece recorded for the upcoming Cinema Strangiato 2019 feature film. Billed as the first "Annual Exercise in Fan Indulgence," the movie will screen in theaters worldwide for one night only on Aug. 21.

Part documentary, part concert film, the motion picture features performances and backstage footage from Rush’s 2015 R40 tour, along with interviews with some of the band’s celebrity fans. Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins are among those who appear in the film.

The band recently released their R40 performance of "Distant Early Warning," giving fans a sneak peek of what to expect from Cinema Strangiato 2019. Tickets for the event are available for purchase now.


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