Though it moved far afield, a new Twitter Q&A with Rush's Geddy Lee did touch on a few musical topics -- in between those about, say, bandmate Neil Peart's scent after a concert. No kidding.

Fans also wanted to talk about Rush's emotional induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which Lee admitted he still hasn't quite gotten over -- in particular a standing ovation as they were introduced. "That whole moment was quite something," he said in the Q&A, which Rolling Stone assisted in since Lee isn't a big social media fan. "I think we were very taken aback by it. We were overwhelmed by that whole beginning of the night. It's indescribable and a moment that I'll never forget."

Lee said he hasn't yet voted for next year's Hall of Fame class, though he levied a marked criticism. "I don't even know who's on the ballot," he said. "But I'm disappointed that Yes and Deep Purple did not get in. It's just wrong."

Asked whether he preferred the David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar era of Van Halen, Lee admitted, "I don't listen to either."

Of course, no Twitter Q&A would be complete without an oddball question or two. And so, Lee was asked about drummer Peart's post-show smell ("I wouldn't know because he leaves straight onto his bus. I haven't seen him after a show in years"), if he would stop by one fan's yoga class ("No") and whether he preferred tacos or burritos ("Um ... tacos").

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