According to news sources, two men were arrested by the Billings Police department after a robbery on Monday night at a casino on the west end.  After looking at the surveillance film, the police found the car parked at another casino on 15th street west.  This story has so many funny lines in it.  Why rob a casino and then drive to another casino to spend the cash you just robbed?  One of the guys was a robber and the other guy was the "get away" driver.  Really?  If I was the robber in this case I would have fired the "get away" driver.  He sucks!  How do you, as a professional "get away" driver make the big mistake of driving to another casino to spend the big booty you got from another casino?  My guess is they were driving a car like the one pictured, and figured in the heavy snow filled streets they could not drive like Bo and Luke in the Dukes of Hazzard.  Soooo...the "get away" driver squeezed his head and said, "BRAH, I don't think we can outrun em.."  Dude....oh never mind.

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