Today, while moseying into the Townsquare Tower (DoubleTree Hotel, but we lovingly nicknamed the tower), I noticed some new signage in the hotel for guests to be aware of.

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Doors Locked Earlier, Stay Locked Longer

Last week, the signs on the doors of the DoubleTree Hotel here in downtown Billings stated they are locked between 9 PM and 5 AM, ensuring only hotel guests and those who rent space inside the DoubleTree for business are the only ones entering.

Now, as of this morning, those signs have been updated. The doors are now auto-locking down at 7 PM until 6 AM daily, in order to secure this tower from any no-gooders making their way through the structure.

Are You A Guest? You'll need a keycard or the app for the elevators.

Previously, if you stayed here inside the DoubleTree Hotel, you were able to freely navigate the 1st through 17th floors via the elevators without any restrictions. Though, if you wanted access to the 18th through 23rd floors, you would either need a special key to unlock access, or visit during business hours.

Now, DoubleTree has announced to the guests that as of December 7th, in order for you to use the elevator systems in the hotel, you are now required to scan your room key or use the Hilton Digital Key in the app.

Credit: Josh Rath, TSMN
Credit: Josh Rath, TSMN

More Security Is Better

After we were robbed of a few items and our Mix 97.1 vehicle late last year, we increased security on the 23rd Floor, hopefully preventing further issues. And now, with this change to the door and elevator systems, we hope the hotel guests feel even safer when visiting Downtown Billings.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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