National Train Day At The Depot
Last year was the inaugural celebration drawing more than 2,500 people to the Billings Depot downtown. This year, more activities are planned, some of which will have a fee, but admission is free.
Parking Downtown?
If you are headed downtown and will need a place to park maybe head to park 3 or somewhere other than park 2. They are working on park two and have a lot of it taped off. I am sure the work needs to be done but if you look elsewhere you just might save yourself some time...
Vehicles Towed At Farmers Market In Downtown Billings
If you plan on partying in Downtown Billings on any Friday night in the next several weeks and have to leave your car parked here overnight make sure you come pick it up first thing in the morning... and by first thing I mean 5am. Above are the tickets of 4 vehicles that were towed today so vendors …
Billings Top 10 Buildings
First a disclaimer... these aren't anything other than the architecture I like best so it's not Billings most historic buildings (even though some are historic) and it's certainly not Billings tallest buildings.

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