Announced this morning on their Facebook page, locally owned downtown business Liberty & Vine Country Store is looking to call it quits after a few years in business.

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Owners Amy & Jason Pawlowski made the announcement in the form of a story, sharing details from the past in business ownership... what made them decide to open Liberty & Vine Country Store... and why they have decided to start winding down operations.

Credit: Canva / Google
Credit: Canva / Google

So... Why The Closure?

According to the post, Amy stated it was a harder start in Downtown Billings compared to their previous adventures on the West End, though things turned around in 2020. Liberty & Vine even broke their personal business records in 2021 for any business they'd owned before.

However, Amy's husband Jason has made the decision to retire from what Amy calls his "real job" this year, which as Amy admits... is one of the big reasons she was able to do what she has done for so many years.

They also recognize they have been working nearly non-stop for the entirety of their careers, missing events and celebrations because of it. The life of a local business owner, for sure.

What Now?

  • Amy was keen to remind their customers they are NOT closing yet, so you have plenty of time to shop, however, they are no longer stocking the store shelves... so the sooner you come, the better the selection.
  • If you are a rewards customer, you will earn points through February.
  • You can still use any accrued points through the liquidation, but you will not earn any during it.
  • You can redeem any gift cards through the end of the liquidation, however, no new cards will be sold.
  • The liquidation sale of L&VCS begins in March, and nothing will be marked down until then.
  • If you have purchased items in storage in their basement, please contact Amy or Jason to make immediate arrangements. All previously purchased items should be collected by April 30th.

Oh, and the great news? The store is For Sale. If YOU are interested in keeping Liberty & Vine Country Store alive and well in Downtown Billings, get in touch with Amy or Jason Pawlowski.

What are your thoughts?

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