Could You Stand Being Constantly Recorded At Your Job?
For hundreds of drivers who spend hours alone in the cab, big brother is now trained right on their face. These cameras are typically triggered by actions (such as braking too hard) as opposed to constantly recording, but all of the drivers that I know find them invasive.
Heightened Security For Cat Griz Game
If you're planning on attending Montana's greatest football rivalry in Bozeman this year, make sure you plan on giving yourself at least an hour to make it through security and into the stadium. Due to recent events, campus security and Bozeman law enforcement aren't taking any unnece…
Big Brother Is Watching And Listening In Billings Elevators
I work downtown in the Crowne Plaza and, like most employees, I must park in the city parking garage on First Avenue. There have definitely been occasions (at least three) when I have encountered some weirdness in the garage's elevator.
I have seen a presumably homeless man sleeping, a young dru…