For people who work in retail, at bars, convenience stores, banks, etc. being on camera all day is the norm, but in those cases it's pretty impersonal. They're recording the workplace, but not specific employees.

For truck drivers, this has been changing over the last few years. For hundreds of drivers who spend hours alone in the cab, big brother is now trained right on their face. These cameras are typically triggered by actions (such as braking too hard) as opposed to constantly recording, but all of the drivers that I know find them invasive. Afterall, one of the appeals of being a long haul trucker is not having a boss staring over your shoulder all day. Now, they're recording your face - including audio. Some of the more advanced systems even use artificial intelligence to detect things like yawning or using a bluetooth headset, etc.

Odds are you're not a truck driver, but as cheap and accessible as cameras are these days, I can easily see these types of systems being put in place in other professions. Personally, if someone had a camera trained at my face all day and potentially recording my every word, I would likely quit.

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