In the first 'Getaway' trailer, Ethan Hawke is a former race car driver who must drive fast for a madman to save his wife. He's partnered with Selena Gomez, and the initial footage suggests a movie filled with a lot of car stunts. So, for those who didn't get their fill with 'Fast and Furious 6,' this could scratch that itch.

The trailer doesn't exactly explain how driving fast will help save his wife, so perhaps (as the title suggests) he's a wheel man in the film. But this reminds us of movies like 1994's 'Speed' that stack a hero against some sort of larger booby trap and a ticking clock. There's usually something satisfying about those sorts of films, just as it's always fun to watch a good car chase and a good car wreck (at least on film).

It's also fascinating to see that Ethan Hawke is the lead in yet another low-budget studio film. After this, 'The Purge' and 'Sinister,' (not to mention 'Before Midnight') his current ubiquity makes him the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson of low-budget theatrical releases.

Here's the film's synopsis:

Getaway is the gritty, heart-pounding action thriller from Warner Bros. Pictures and Dark Castle Entertainment in which former race car driver Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke) is pitted against the clock. Desperately trying to save the life of his kidnapped wife, Brent commandeers a custom Shelby Cobra Mustang, taking it and its unwitting owner (Selena Gomez) on a high-speed race against time, at the command of the mysterious villain holding his wife hostage.

'Getaway' is due in theaters August 30.

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