The buzz about Harmony Korine's 'Spring Breakers' - you know the one with James Franco with the cornrows and Selena Gomez with the bikini... - has been largely positive since it hit the festival circuit last year, and now comes the first official poster for the film, which makes it look like exactly the kind of movie you think it is.

Harmony Korine made his mark on the indie scene with films like 'Kids' (directed by Larry Clark) and 'Gummo,' which Korine wrote and directed himself. And now comes a very different kind of movie for Korine -- 'Spring Breakers,' the tale of a quartet of teen girls who decide to pay for their spring break vacation by robbing a fast food joint. Things take a turn for the better when they run into Alien, a criminal and local rapper who helps them evade the law.

The girls are played by former Disney tween icons Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez, joined by Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine (Harmony's wife). James Franco plays the amateur rapper/criminal, and we're digging the dirty white boy with cornrows look.

It's not that much of a change of pace for Harmony Korine, whose previous work has focused on trashy, disenfranchised kids behaving badly -- this is more like Harmony Korine's version of modern teenage shenanigans, and we can't wait to see what that's like.

Check out the full 'Spring Breakers' poster below (plus two new pics from the movie) courtesy of HeyUGuys:

Spring Breakers Poster
Spring Breakers Selena Gomez
Spring Breakers

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