There is an extended studies program in the Billings area for gifted students. Part of the curriculum is learning about architecture and building models to show off the skills they've acquired. Last Friday all of their creations were on display on the 3rd floor of the Crowne Plaza and we're fortunate enough to live in a technology age where our phone are also our cameras and I was able to get some pics of these works of art.

I have to start off by apologizing to the students whose models I don't show here but there were so many that I've decided to focus on the models that represent some of the world's man made wonders.

Let's start off on our own shores with the St. Louis Arch

Next we travel down the Mississippi River to the great city of New Orleans and have a look at the Lousiana Superdome

Then let's take a trip to our nations capital and view the Washington National Monument

Time to cross the pond for some fish and chips while we take in the view at the London Bridge

Now let's travel west and then south along the River Thames to Big Ben

A quick trip south in the Chunnel at were in the City of Lights... Paris, France... home of the Eiffel Tower. A little known fact is that Paris' artist community protested it's construction because they thought it would be an eyesore. After it was built many Parisians changed their minds and saw it as the great work of art it is while others were unmoved. Since then the only thing that's been unmoved is the tower itself.

We're off to Italy and the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Time for something more exotic... the land of spices and Bollywood... it's exciting Agra, India, the home of the Taj Mahal (this model is one of my favorite because of the creative use of garlic)

As someone who has travelled in Europe I know that walking around and seeing these amazing structures up close is pretty tiring and when you're done you need a vacation from your vacation so on the way home we make a stop in the Middle East for a stay at the Atlantis Palms Dubai

After all of this travel it's good to be home and now that it's springtime everyone in Billings is anticipating the annual opening of Softie's Ice Cream at Broadwater and 24th street!

Thanks to all of the students of the Extended Studies Program for taking us on such a fantastic journey!