As a parent, you want the best possible experience for your child growing up. From their first babysitter to daycare... to grade school, middle school, and high school... and to finish up with a great college.

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But, if you are new to Montana... or are planning to move on into the state... what city should you aim at for the BEST in Education? I was surprised as a lifelong Montanan to read this, and I know you might just be too!

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Considering Montana is known for many things, including the best outdoor experiences in the entire United States, maybe you didn't realize we were home to the 329th BEST school in the nation.

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And besides, if you have the opportunity to better the future for your child, why not take advantage of it? You never know... they might be taking care of YOU in the future!

Now, before we reveal the top 5, take a look at the 15 BEST school districts for SPORTS here in Montana, for your future superstar!

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Now, here are the Top 5 BEST Cities in Montana to teach YOUR child in 2024:

According to, which ranks schools based on Graduation Rate, College Readiness, and Enrollment, these are the 5 BEST cities in Montana to live in for education. Hopefully, you and your family live in one of these cities for the best in future opportunities.

  • #1 Bozeman, Montana (#329 Nationally)
  • #2 Gallatin Gateway, Montana (#393 Nationally)
  • #3 Whitefish, Montana (#1,752 Nationally)
  • #4 Red Lodge, Montana (#1,889 Nationally)
  • #5 Manhattan, Montana (#2,100 Nationally)

Do you agree with the list? What cities do you think do the best job for education in Montana? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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