Red Lodge

Free COVID-19 Testing in Red Lodge
They tell us that the testing is free, painless, and quick. The testing is available Friday June 12th and Saturday June 13th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Red Lodge High School parking lot.
Good Morning Red Lodge
I have a friend that moved up to Red Lodge here not to long ago and say's he loves it up there. He hasn't spent a winter there yet but I don't think he will change his mind anywhere soon. This is a picture he took of his front yard the other morning...
"Lift Up The Leisers" Benefit
Sometimes in life bad things happen to good people. Unfortunately something bad happened to a Shepherd girl who was on a fun trek through the hills near Red Lodge.
On June 11, 10 year old Kamrey Leiser was involved in a rock slide and suffered severe injuries...
Beartooth Rally This Weekend
The Beartooth Rally and Iron Horse Rodeo is this weekend up in Red Lodge.
Friday-Coors Lite Ranch Run sign up at Bone Daddy's Friday 10am -Noon
Saturday-Willie's 212 Run sign up at Bone Daddy's 9am-Noon
Sunday-Iron Horse Rodeo sign up Sunday 10am at rodeo grounds start time 1pm...

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