In 2015 we posted an article that said Montana may have more guns than Libya, putting the estimated number of firearms in the Treasure State at nearly 1.8 million, or 1.8 guns for every man, woman and child. Pew Research said in 2017 that 62% of men own at least one firearm and 22% of women reported owning a gun nationwide.

Credit: Lacy Sullivan ~ Townsquare Media

A 2020 report by The Trace says Montana leads the nation in gun ownership, followed by Wyoming. I couldn't find any stats on what percentage of women in Montana own at least one gun, but it's easy to speculate that we're above average. Montanans clearly believe in the 2nd Amendment and our right to keep and bear arms. Hunting is a large aspect of gun ownership in Montana, as is self-defense and shooting sports. Sometimes all three. The fact is, guys in Montana love guns, girls love their guns... and guys love girls with guns.

Credit: Traeger Corp / Black Butte Range

Starting Monday 10/12 we're kicking off our Girls With Guns Contest. It's a photo submission contest with audience voting to determine the winner. Girls, this is your chance to show us your gun(s) for a sweet prize package. Guys, you can obviously submit a pic of your significant other posing with her favorite firearm. Here are the general details:

  • Photos must be original pictures that you either took yourself or that you own the rights to.
  • Participants in the picture must be at least 18 years old or 21 if the entrant is showing a handgun.
  • Pornographic pictures will not be allowed. Flirty and fun is okay, but nudity will be rejected.
  • All entries must be submitted on the free Hawk Mobile App. Just tap 'Submit Media' in the main menu.
  • Please observe all safe gun handling practices while taking your Girls With Guns pictures.
  • Each entrant may only submit ONE picture.
  • Winner of the handgun must be at least 21 years old. All state and federal laws apply.
Credit: Black Butte Range ~ used with permission

The contest will conclude with a fun party open to all contestants on November 7th at Black Butte Range (time TBD). Winner will receive a Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grill (retail value $469)  and a $500 Gift Card at Black Butte Range.

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You must have the free Hawk Mobile App to submit photo entries to the contest. You can get our app in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Get those pics ready to submit and good luck to the Girls With Guns. May the best girl win.

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