Okay, so we might be a little late in the game with pumpkin carving at my house. We bought the pumpkins last weekend and simply ran out of time. So, tonight is the night! Carving them too early just means they'll rot anyway, so I guess we're not TOO late to the party. And I'm pretty sure the orange gourds don't hold up very well when it's this cold anyway.

I've roasted pumpkin seeds before and they usually turn out just fine. This year, I saw an Instagram post pop up on my feed from the Alpine Touch spice company.  This has been the "unofficial" spice company of Montana since 1947 and many of us put their tasty seasonings on all kinds of stuff, from eggs and potatoes to chicken and steaks. They offer a ton of different flavors, next to the original flavor. Prairie Fire is one of my favorites for a a rib rub. Anyway, here's their recipe that I'm going to try tonight:

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