Down in front of the DoubleTree was a Tesla!  What a sweet looking ride.  It got me to thinking if I would ever go with an electric car.  I get all of the green emissions, no energy, save the dinosaur stuff.  But, this was a sweet looking ride.

After I took the picture, my mind starts racing about how far it goes on electric.  Can you stop at the gas station in Buffalo, Wyoming and plug it into the outlet by the air compressor to charge up?  How much extension cord length do you need?  I have two kids coming over to my house this afternoon to use the "Super sucker/blower 10,000 leaf blower." Now, I certainly don't have a big yard, but I know they are going to need at least four extension cords for the two super suckers.  I also know it is going to take them about two hours. I also realize the Tesla electric car probably has one of the fancy plugin things.  Does the Tesla burn more coal using electricity to charge up than the two kids coming to blow my leaves with the super suckers?  I'll sit back and watch the kids today while I tinker on my 1967 Ford F250.

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