Most of the people I know who actually use their truck as a tool to do serious work are pretty brand loyal. Ford, Ram, GMC...whatever camp they're in, it's typically not easy to talk them out of it. However, I'm wondering how many people would switch teams if the Tesla truck delivers what the rumors say.

The first thing that got my attention was the price tag, which allegedly is under 50k. Now, 50k is a lot of money, but if you think that's high for a truck, then you haven't priced trucks lately. So, what about the work it can do? I mean even farmers and ranchers who take care of their trucks still put them through their paces with hauling and towing. According to Tesla, this truck will have a 300,000 lb. towing capacity. You read that right... 150 tons. Speed wise, Mr. Musk compared it to a Porsche 911. If those statements are true AND (big if), the truck is durable enough to withstand real Montana abuse, I think we may see a lot of Montanans leaving their beloved truck brand behind - unless of course, that brand catches up in a hurry.

credit: TopSpeed via Youtube