Gardening Memories

As a kid, I remember sitting on the phone talking to my grandparents about their garden, year after year. My Grandma was extremely proud of her small garden, changing locations around the farm year after year... even with my Grandpa putting the garden area farther and farther from the farmhouse every year (he had his reasons).

The photo above shows two people I don't know, but the house behind it? That IS my family farmhouse, but from 2008 (according to my ancient Flickr account).

Credit: Josh Rath, TSM / Canva
Credit: Josh Rath, TSM / Canva (The arrow is pointing to where I remember the garden best. But, that garden was out front of the house... behind it... across the yard... a new spot yearly it seemed)
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We would talk about what she had planned to plant each year, and then she would go on about how much fresh food I would get to enjoy when I visited (I visited every summer, for the entire summer, for 14 or so years).

It's a great memory, and a life-long reminder in Spring to start thinking about a garden. Though, if you aren't already a "green thumb" (or you are like me, and can manage to kill a plastic plant from Walmart), you might be looking for a little help getting your garden going.

Seed Starting 101 - Learning To Plant!

Thankfully, Billings is chock full of opportunities every day... and, today, I came across this FREE CLASS, put on by Megan Poulette (Rocky Mountain College Associate Professor of Botany and Environmental Science) to get you on the right path.

You'll learn how to start plants from seeds, discuss how to choose different seeds, seed starting supplies, what plants to start indoors versus outdoors, different sowing methods, indoor growing conditions, and more.

If YOU are interested in brushing up on your gardening knowledge or want to start your own, you can register for this FREE CLASS by calling...


What are your thoughts?

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