You can't spell "elliptical" without "e-p-i-c," which is exactly what kind of a failure this was.

This grandmother thought she'd give using an elliptical machine a try. "Try" is the key word because, while she did indeed expel effort, her results were awful. We give her tons of credit for attempting to stay in shape. That's just as important as you get older as it is while you're young and can stave off a beer gut simply by peeing.

On the positive side, you don't need to work out if you watch this -- you'll bust your gut from cracking up. That's bound to burn a few hundred calories. This is what happens when it turns out Grandma bumps Betty White from the top of the list of funniest of senior citizens.

If Grandma is serious about getting the heartbeat up and staying slim, may we recommend she join other octogenarians by power-walking at the mall right after it opens. In addition to being healthy, it'll create the illusion that people are actually in a rush to step inside a Sears.

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